Salvage & Towage

Marine salvage is the process of rescuing a ship, its cargo, or other property from peril. Salvage encompasses rescue towing, putting out fires, patching or repairing a ship, refloating a sunken or grounded vessel, moving a disabled vessel in order to clear navigation channels, and raising sunken ships or their cargo. Equipment involved in salvage operations may include cranes, floating dry docks, and support vessels (such as tugboats). Commercial divers may be called upon to perform underwater tasks and monitor progress below the surface.

Ocean Pearl Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. proves itself in the non-conventional maritime service covered by marine salvage. Our dedicated teams of experts put their experience to plan and execute the entire operations in successful manner. We further can avail ourselves over our own salvage tugs, ETV’s and use tugs from the other Group members or of selected partners. We are the operators of all kind of TUGS / OSV / AHTS which can be mobilized within reasonable time. We provide assured service with intentions to give best professional cooperation to our clients.